Sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility
As a technical trading company located in Westland, with the original roots in The Hague, we are naturally involved in what is happening in the area. Through sponsorship & donations supports PandID B.V. various sports events, projects and organizations, including:

A care location of;
Ipse de Bruggen

Ipse de Bruggen / Dagopvang Woutershof
In the day center Woutershof Monster, young people, adults and elderly people with a mental and / or multiple disability can spend their day meaningfully. From relaxing and experiencing, industrial work to working in the vegetable garden. It can be all here. We have recently supported a care project through a donation for  day center Woutershof in Monster.

Sportvereniging HBS Craeyenhout
HBS Craeyenhout is a sports club for football, cricket and hockey in The Hague. There is also organized golf, bridge, billiards and bowls. At the bridge there is cooperation with the neighbors: Quick Hague. At the sports club HBS Craeyenhout we are a member of the business club & friends club.

Surfkids is an online interactive platform including a magazine offered to children in hospitals free of charge each quarter. The magazine is directly linked to the website and contains mainly educational, fun and informative content. The magazine will appear four times a year and will be filled with relevant topics such as Easter, Summer Holiday, Halloween and Christmas.

The following charities are beneficiaries of the Surfkids Magazine;

We support Surfkids annually through a “gold sponsor” agreement.

Sportclub HAAG Atletiek
With 1,700 members, HAAG Atletiek is almost the largest sports organization in The Hague. With us athletics are practiced in the full width of the sport. From bullets and spears to sprint and long distance, with an offer for youth up to 55+.
At the athletics club HAAG Atletiek we are a member of the business club & friends club.

Sponsorship policy:
If you are convinced that we can support you as a sponsor, you can request this by mail. Send your complete sponsorship request to: info@pandid.nl

Acquisition by phone is not appreciated.